BI/Analytic Services


There is no substitute for accurate knowledge.

— Lee Iacocca

BI/Analytic Services The ability to collect and analyze internal and external data can dictate how well an organization can generate knowledge and ultimately value.

Oakland Consulting offers a comprehensive set of Business Intelligence services to help clients harness structured data to improve decision-making, financial management, regulatory compliance and customer service.

Oakland leverages its understanding of the business and technology dimensions of an organization. Our suite of information strategy, data warehousing, data mining and information analytics services measure, analyze and optimize business performance across the entire enterprise.

Business Intelligence can help organizations transform data into insight and achieve higher levels of performance by:

  • Providing insights that can help pinpoint new revenue-generating opportunities and improve operational efficiencies and visibility across the organization
  • Optimizing the return on existing business and IT investments such as data management, data mining, customer intelligence, customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning technology
  • Achieving greater compliance with government and regulatory guidelines
  • Enabling faster problem-solving and decision making at the strategic, operational and tactical levels by internal and external users